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Events or Classes

I. Events Registration

Register below for In-Studio Open Houses or other Events. Call 905 633-8808 or Email [email protected]. Or visit

For Virtual (Online) Open Houses or other Events, visit www.dancescape.TV/calendar

II. Class Registration

Register below for individual 8-Week In-Studio Courses, call 905 633-8808 or Email [email protected]. Or visit

Please NOTE: With the Ontario Government just announcing the Second Mandatory Shutdown until Wednesday, Feb. 10th, this means the Winter “In-Studio” Term would then start the week of February 15th. If there are any changes to this date as a result of additional mandatory shutdowns, we’ll again provide updates of options. (Online Classes will begin the week of Jan. 18th as originally scheduled.).

Please check back here, on our facebook page, or contact us via email or telephone to confirm prior to coming in to first week of classes! #shallwedance?

For Virtual (Online) Classes, visit www.dancescape.TV/schedule.

For LIVE “Online” Classes, subscribe to our Monthly “All Access” Online Classes” for Dance Only, Fitness Only, or BothFrom $34.97/mo. per household. Keep building your library of Dance Steps & Workouts. Or cancel anytime before the next billing. Click here for details. Or call 905 633-8808, Email [email protected] for more information.

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