Why danceScape?

Why learn from danceScape? Comparison chart between danceScape Independent Studio and other Franchise or Contract Studios.


dancescape Independent Studio Other Franchised or Contract Studios
Group lessons are one hour in length with tutorial/practice times in a 3,000+ square foot un-obstructed ballroom (see Burlington downtown location, Pine at Pearl Street). Group Lessons are often less than an hour in length with group and private students crammed onto a small dance floor with multiple instructors.
Private lessons are one hour in length and focused entirely on Dance Learning. Private lessons are generally 45 minutes in length, with a portion of that time regularly spent in a sales office.
Flexible Group Workshops and Private Lesson Programs range from “International” (Olympic-Recognized) to “Social” styles, as well as danceTONE Fitness and specialty dances like Lindy Hop and Salsa/Latin. Emphasis on “American Style” Dance Steps and “Closed-Syllabus” from the respective studio chain.
Directors/Instructors, Robert Tang & Beverley Cayton-Tang, are former 3-Time Canadian and 2-Time North American Amateur Standard Ballroom Champions, and experts in the “International” style syllabus and technique, with over 20 years teaching experience of all learning levels. They are the creator of danceScape`s “For Absolute Beginners“ Dance Programs. Instructors often have only a few weeks or months of Dance Teacher Training and are sometimes only a few steps ahead of their assigned students, and therefore often rush through teaching multiple dance styles and steps within a short lesson time before taking students into a sales office.
Independent Associate instructors who are dedicated to “Teaching” only and evaluated on “Teaching Skills”, not on Sales Targets or Quota requirements. Sales-based Instructors who are evaluated on “Sales Skills, Targets & Renewals” of Dance Packages that they sell.
No Long-Term Lesson Package Contracts. Ask about our discount term packages and annual “Unlimited Classes” plans. 8 Week Group Workshops are $197 pp plus hst per Term (Winter, Spring, Fall), with multi-term package discounts. danceScape also offers 2 week Specialty Bootcamps offered 3 times a year at $97 pp plus hst. Long-Term Lesson Package Fixed Contracts with no money-back guarantee. Fixed Contracts can range from $3,000 to $6,000/year (minimum) per couple, but usually higher.
Contact danceScape for your FREE BURLINGTON DANCE LESSON PASS or RSVP to attend our next OPEN HOUSE and try out some FUN lessons! Contact other Franchise or Contract Studios for clarification about their paid trial packages and terms & conditions (including whether you are able to learn your interested dance style).


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