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Do You Ever Regret those “Could Have” Been Life Moments? How I missed our Chance to Dance…

By on August 22, 2020

As Beverley and I get out of the car, we notice a group of young musicians playing stringed instruments in the distance.

I love the sound of violins and cellos.

Perhaps a memory of being 5 or 6 years old in Malaysia and watching grandfather with his cherished violin.

I never actually remembered seeing him play. Only of his showing me the violin. And then secretly sneaking into his bedroom to touch that violin.

As we continue walking closer, they finish their song, preparing for another.

Just as we pass by, the lady with the cello exclaims, “Someone, please show her how to Waltz!”

I notice a little girl with her mother sitting in front of the “Expresso Good Food” cafe.

It shocked me a bit because out of the nowhere and just a casual walk, there would be this commentary about our favourite dance — the Waltz. Synchronicty, perhaps?

We were taking a break from teaching Ballroom Dance classes.

The Music begins. It was a Viennese Waltz.

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