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By on May 22, 2015

danceScape annual flexplan Students will receive these BONUS “online video lessons” as part of their membership (if you need help with setup, please bring your cell phone, iPad or Android tablet to Monday 8:00 p.m. practice or in class). Non-flexplan students can purchase separately (see subscription links below):

dTV Video App
Online Video Learning is available with our dS Video App.

Video App – 5 Month Access ($47/class)
Video App – Full Access ($14.97/mo)
Video App – Full Access ($147/yr)

Stay tuned also for a SNEAK PEEK into the Magic of Virtual and Immersive Video Learning at www.dancescape.TV. The next version of our Video App will transport you virtually into our dance studio from anywhere in the world using your iPad, tablet or cell phone in 360 degree view. Welcome to the future of Virtual Reality dance learning at danceScape. flexplan members & dTV subscribers will have first previews. Subscribe today and stay tuned for more information in our January eZine!

Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, Android Tablets & Cell Phones

For Online Private Lessons, contact us at with your Email so that we can add you to our student LIVE Video Tutorial list and secret links! Once you LOGIN on Gmail, you should see a screen similar to the one pictured here. When we send you a Video Call Request, you would just click on “Answer” and we will be connected through LIVE Video! (Your laptop or computer should have Videocam and/or Microphone to be able to talk back.) There is a Gmail and Google Hangout App for your cell phone,  iPad or Android tablet, so you could actually use your iPad to also answer call. You would need to be logged into your Gmail account to receive the Call Request.

iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, Android

Download at www.periscope.TV on the Apple or Google Play App Store. Search and add “danceScape”. (If you miss the live broadcasts, videos will still be available for 24 hours, and then posted on


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