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danceFLOW QiGong/TaiChi

danceFLOW QiGong/TaiChi is a fusion of QiGong/Taichi with gentle breathing, stretching, toning and guided meditation exercises to inspirational dance music (e.g., Indigenous/Ethnic, Middle Eastern, Argentine Tango, Cuban Rumba, English Waltz, Classical Ballet). The goal is to tap into the principles of “Ying-Yang”, “Taiji” & “Wuji” to breathe correctly and manage internal/external energy flows in order to achieve stress relief, relaxation, flexibility, fitness, energy balance, and healing. These same principles will then be applied through other martial arts and dance-based movements for gentle cardio and muscle toning.

This program is particularly suited to those who want to experience a gentler but empowering form of fitness and exercise, as well as anyone living with Pain, Chronic Pain or other Accessibility challenges (e.g., Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Paraplegia). Some portions of the class may involve seated breathing and meditation exercises.

About QiGong
QiGong is an ancient Chinese art that combines guided meditation with breathing techniques, gentle movement and visualization to promote healing, balance, and circulate your body’s vital energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts, “QiGong” is a practice of breathing, physical movement, and mind to cultivate and balance Qi (Chi) which is the “intrinsic life energy”. Traditional QiGong dates back to 4000 years and incorporates rhythmic breathing with slow repetition of fluid movement, a calm mindful state, and visualization of guiding qi through the body along meridians paths.

About Tai Chi (Yang)
The Yang style of Tai Chi is one of five established forms which was founded by Yang Lu-Chan during the second half of the 19th century.  Lu-Chan came from a poor family and during one of his odd jobs at the Tai He Tang Chinese Pharmacy located in the western area of Yongnian City in China, he was inspired to learn a form of martial arts that he had never seen before, which was used by one of the pharmacy owners to fend off some local hoodlums who were causing problems. He was subsequently sent to the Chen Village to learn from Chen Chang Xing, who waas the 14th generation of the Chen Family.

The worldwide popularity of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan is due almost entirely to the teachings of Yang Cheng-fu, who was among the first to openly teach his family’s Yang Style to the public after the overthrow of the Ch’ing dynasty in 1912. He saw Tai Chi as means  to unite the Chinese people, and Southern China was particularly open to his teachings.

Yang Tai Chi is also know as Tai Chi Chuan, which is very different from the Tai Chi of the Dao (Tao) philosophy. Tai Chi Chuan respects the tradition of its key founders by teaching authentic postures and hand forms. Combined with Qi Gong, a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation, this unique form of Tai Chi results in greater fluidity of movements and energy flows for stress relief, relaxation, flexibility, fitness, and balance.

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