Shopping Cart Dance

By on June 11, 2014

danceScape was invited last Thursday to participate in a FUN Contest that could have Students appear on a Staples Television Commercial Campaign across North America.

We need your HELP to make this “Bucket List Wish” come true … please CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO, and then register to ADD A COMMENT below the video (e.g., indicate how much you LOVE seeing the danceScape Video). Please also FORWARD THIS MESSAGE to your friends and contacts to help out!

The Shopping Cart Dance is a fun, energetic, and hilarious dance. Everyone has their own unique way of doing it. So Staples want people to show their own interpretation of The Shopping Cart Dance. The dance is going to be used as part of the Staples back-to-school ad campaign to show how excited people are about the season’s savings.

A BIG “THANK YOU” to Thursday Group Workshop Students for helping us quickly pull together the footage and capturing the “danceScape” Shopping Cart Dance! If we win, we will host a FUN party to celebrate, as well as fundraise for the danceScape Endowment Fund, which is dedicated to helping people with life challenges through dance!


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