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COVID Contact Tracing Form Submission

By on April 18, 2021

Registered Students – COVID “Contact Tracing” Form/Waiver

For Students registered and attending “In-Studio” Classes, please note that EACH TIME you visit danceScape for your Class(es), you must fill out a COVID “Contact Tracing” Questionnaire Form/Waiver.

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In order to be eco-friendly and save trees/paper — as well as to make this a quick and efficient process — please click on this link and submit electronically each time you visit danceScape/attendaClass.

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QR Code for Contact Tracing Form/Waiver APP to Submit Every Time Attend danceScape Class

Or with your cell phone, use the QR Code to install the Signing App and submit your Form/Waiver:

A single student OR a “Couple” (e.g., for Partner-based Ballroom, Wedding Dance or Salsa/Latin Lessons) can submit one form per visit.)

Limited paper forms are available for Newcomers, Open House Guests and Students at the Club/Studio.

As we move forward with In-Studio classes, we will be constantly evaluating this process to ensure the safety of our Student Members, Guests, Staff Instructors and Volunteers. Implementation will vary as restrictions are relaxed and occupational capacities are raised.

Click here for FULL danceScape Health & Safety Protocols

Thanks for your understanding! #shallwedance?

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